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What Our Customers Say
"What a life saver! My key fob ceased to work and the key snapped in the lock alarms on the car going off... Ben managed to get the snapped key out without breaking the lock cut me a new key and fob sorted the alarms all in a short space of time. I would certainly recommend to everyone and the price was awesome."

Welcome to South Wales Locksmiths

At South Wales Locksmiths, we have experienced teams across South Wales ready to help you at any time of day, seven days a week. Whether you need a lock replacing, you’ve lost your house or car keys, or want new keys cut, our technicians have multiple tools at their disposal to help you out.

We pride ourselves on the professionalism and speed of our service, ensuring that you can get on with your day as quickly as possible with minimal disruption.

Our Local Locksmith Services

Key cutting

Having spare keys is always a good idea as we all lock ourselves out unintentionally now and then; our highly qualified team of locksmiths can get you a spare pair cut, usually within minutes, so that you can rest easy. This service is provided for both car and door keys, deadlocks and other common safety locks.

Here at South Wales Locksmiths we also stock numerous spare key safes, which our team can help you install, so that next time you pat your pockets and your day-to-day keys aren’t there, you don’t have to panic!

Lock breaking

South Wales locksmiths can undertake all types of lock breaking to get into domestic properties, a wider variety of cars and vans and industrial units / other buildings. We have undertake many hours of training to make sure that we can gain entry quickly and efficiently, with a focus on causing as little damage to your property or vehicle as possible. Our technicians are on standby for your call 24 hours a day and come rain or shine, Summer or Winter, we are here to serve the people of South Wales. You can contact us by phone, by e-mail or by twitter and we have many people following our work on Facebook. We are proud to have served over 500 customers for South Wales' lock breaking needs over the past 12 months and that's what makes us Wales' biggest and best. Don't trust the rest - trust the best - and call South Wales Locksmiths now - we'll be on the road to you within minutes!

Lock installation

If you need new locks on your house, we can find the best one to suit your needs and help you install it on the same day, often within a few hours.

Training & Accreditation

Indy LocksOur locksmiths are highly skilled individuals and all their work is accredited by Indy Locks. Our primary locksmith Ben trained with the British Locksmith's Association and has also undertaken an auto locksmith training course. More recently, he has carried out further training with Indy Locks and shadowed a senior locksmith, so is able to cope with any lock-related demands!

As a result of their extensive training, the team at South Wales Locksmiths are able to provide a highly competitive service not offered by other locksmiths in the area – for example, if your car keys are lost, Ben is able to pick the lock open, strip it down, rebuild and decode it instead of replacing the entire lock systemas many other locksmiths would have to do (at a large cost to the customer).

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