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South Wales Locksmiths save the BBC in their hour of need
Why Choose South Wales Locksmiths?

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What Our Customers Say
"What a life saver! My key fob ceased to work and the key snapped in the lock alarms on the car going off... Ben managed to get the snapped key out without breaking the lock cut me a new key and fob sorted the alarms all in a short space of time. I would certainly recommend to everyone and the price was awesome."

Bridgend Key Cutting

South Wales Locksmiths are your 24 hour a day, 7 day a week key cutting service in Bridgend and the rest of south Wales. We provide some of Wales’ most professional and trusted locksmiths who can deal with your key cutting needs with ease. South Wales Locksmiths receive call outs for key cutting in Bridgend from a wide range of customers with a wide range of reasons as to why they need keys cut: lost keys, damaged keys, keys locked in a house or car, in need of a spare set. Whatever the reason, emergency or not, South Wales Locksmiths will have one of our skilled Bridgend technicians out to you in no time.

Bridgend Mobile Key Cutting

Indy Locks Van

South Wales Locksmiths are finding that their mobile key cutting service in Bridgend is becoming more and more popular. As the modern working life becomes more and more demanding, meaning people are stuck in offices for long hours, working through their lunch breaks and leaving work after the shops are shut, the simple task of getting keys cut can become a headache.

Working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and operating in Bridgend and beyond in the whole of south Wales, South Wales Locksmiths can come to you at work or at home, or even while you’re out on the road or at the end of your weekly shop. It doesn’t have to be an emergency either; maybe you just need a spare set of keys for your neighbour so they can water the plants while you’re away on holiday! Whatever the reason, we work around you; that’s the beauty of the mobile key cutting service offered by South Wales Locksmiths.

Bridgend Replacement Keys

South Wales Locksmiths offer a replacement keys service in Bridgend that is second to none. Our local, skillful technicians are on hand when you need a set of replacement keys, be it because you have damaged or lost your current set, you have locked them in the car or house, or you simply want a spare set as a precaution in the event your others go missing.

Carrying all the latest, top of the range equipment in their vans as well as a large variety of key blanks, our Bridgend technicians at South Wales Locksmiths have everything they need to provide replacement keys on your doorstep. They also have the depth of knowledge and experience to be able to deal with the more complex security systems used by many commercial properties.

Calling South Wales Locksmiths is your quickest way to getting the replacement key service you require in Bridgend!