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South Wales Locksmiths save the BBC in their hour of need
Why Choose South Wales Locksmiths?

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What Our Customers Say
"What a life saver! My key fob ceased to work and the key snapped in the lock alarms on the car going off... Ben managed to get the snapped key out without breaking the lock cut me a new key and fob sorted the alarms all in a short space of time. I would certainly recommend to everyone and the price was awesome."

Neath / Port Talbot Locksmiths

Provided by South Wales Locksmiths, no-one is more trusted than Neath/Port Talbot Locksmiths when it comes to assisting you in your locksmith needs. Specialists in key cutting, auto locksmith services and emergency entry, Neath/Port Talbot Locksmiths provide a speedy, hassle-free service, putting your security and convenience at the forefront.

Calling Neath/Port Talbot Locksmiths is your sure-fire way to solving your locksmith issues in the shortest delay!


Neath / Port Talbot Locksmith Services

The people of Carmarthen are turning more and more towards South Wales Locksmiths for locksmith services, due to our "we never give up" reputation. Carmarthen Locksmiths provide a range of prompt, hassle-free services:

  • Neath / Port Talbot Emergency Locksmiths

    Neath/Port Talbot Locksmiths provide emergency entry for all possible situations, including homes, farms, garages, sheds, warehouses, as well as cars. More often than not our experienced team will have you in with a matter of minutes. If it does take a little longer, you can be reassured by our "we never give up" reputation. 

  • Neath / Port Talbot Key Cutting

    Our team at Neath/Port Talbot Locksmiths is constantly retraining in order to adapt to the changes in key and lock technology, enabling them to provide you with the finest key cutting services in the Neath/Port Talbot area. Coming to you wherever you are in Neath/Port Talbot, our technicians will soon have your new set of keys cut using our top of the range, mobile equipment.

  • Neath / Port Talbot Auto Locksmiths / Car Keys

    Losing your car keys or locking them inside your car need not delay your day, thanks to the speedy 30 minute response time of our specialist auto services at Neath/Port Talbot Locksmiths.


Areas Covered

Below are some of the areas covered by South Wales Locksmiths in the Neath/Port Talbot area, but it is by no means the entire list. Neath/Port Talbot Locksmiths will be happy to come out to you wherever you may be in the area.

  • Neath town centre
  • Port Talbot town centre
  • Tonna
  • Cadoxton
  • Cwmafan
  • Goytre
  • Briton Ferry
  • ... and many more.


Neath / Port Talbot Locksmiths You Can Trust

Calling a company you can trust like South Wales Locksmiths is the safest way to deal with your locksmith needs in Neath/Port Talbot. Our focus is on your security and we strive for maximum customer satisfaction. Not only will Neath/Port Talbot Locksmiths be with you within minutes, we will provide you with a skilled, affordable and personable service that, according to our clients, you will struggle to find elsewhere.

"When I got home from shopping in Port Talbot I found my elderly neighbour locked out of her house and in an awful state. The door had banged shut as she took the rubbish out. I couldn't get her daughter on the phone, so I called South Wales Locksmiths to come out. The Port Talbot based technician was amazing with her, really reassuring. He even fitted a key safe to the house so there's always a set of spare keys if it happens again. Definitely would recommend!"

- Steven, Port Talbot customer