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South Wales Locksmiths save the BBC in their hour of need
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What Our Customers Say
"What a life saver! My key fob ceased to work and the key snapped in the lock alarms on the car going off... Ben managed to get the snapped key out without breaking the lock cut me a new key and fob sorted the alarms all in a short space of time. I would certainly recommend to everyone and the price was awesome."

Ammanford Auto Locksmiths

South Wales Locksmiths are your leading auto locksmiths in the Ammanford area, and indeed in the rest of South Wales. Our highly experienced technicians provide locksmith services that are second to none and will tailor each auto locksmith job to the individual needs of our Ammanford customers. Whether your keys are visibly locked inside your car or whether they are lost, our expert Ammanford team at South Wales Locksmiths will find the most efficient way to get you back into your vehicle as quickly as possible, and without damaging your vehicle.

Ammanford Car Locksmith

When you are in need of a car locksmith in Ammanford, don’t delay in calling South Wales Locksmiths. Our technicians undergo constant training to keep up with the changes in locks and security devices, so you can rest assured that South Wales Locksmiths will be able to have someone with you in no time with the essential knowledge to get you into even the most recent of cars, using complex computer reprogramming equipment. Do not fear if you car is more vintage though; our teams also carry all the necessary tools for accessing the more traditional type of lock.

Ammanford Emergency Car Entry

South Wales Locksmiths recognise the urgency of being in need of emergency car entry in Ammanford. We receive calls from people in various situations of distress, including people needing to get to work for an urgent meeting, parents needing to pick up their children from school, people needing to get to the airport for a flight. The response s always the same at South Wales Locksmiths: quick, efficient and successful! Don’t trust anyone else in Ammanford for emergency car entry!

Ammanford Replacement Car Keys

South Wales Locksmiths are often called to Ammanford addresses to provide replacement car keys. With modern cars having more complex key and locking systems, there is more room for malfunction, meaning you end up locked out of your car. However, this does not faze our highly trained technicians at South Wales Locksmiths who will use their up-to-date knowledge and top of the range equipment and software to provide you with your replacement set of keys in no time. Call us now and be back on your way!