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"I was at a local Swansea music festival when I realised I had lost my car keys. To this day I don't know where they dropped out of my bag. Panic set in as soon as I realised as I needed to pick up my children. The friend I was with said she'd used South Wales Locksmiths before and that I should call them. Thanks goodness I did! I told them exactly where I was in Swansea and they had a local auto locksmith technician was out to me within 20 minutes and back into my car soon after. Couldn't believe that they would come to exactly where I was! Would really recommend keeping the phone number of South Wales Locksmiths in your phone, as you never know when you might need them."

An Evening with…South Wales Locksmiths at the BBC!

BBC auto locksmith jobMonday brought a different type of job to South Wales Locksmiths when Ben Murray received a phone call from the BBC.

A campervan that was to be used the next day for the shooting of the new series of 'Marrying Mum and Dad' had been spray painted with a fresh new design…the only problem was that the locks had also been sprayed with paint, meaning the BBC crew were no longer able to lock and secure the van. South Wales Locksmiths to the rescue!


South Wales Locksmiths Recommended to the BBC

As Ben Murray is known throughout South Wales for his extensive knowledge of lock mechanisms and specialist locksmith skills, the BBC received a recommendation to contact him. Ben received the call about midday and was asked to meet the crew as they arrived at the local Premier Inn in Llanelli early that evening.

The BBC contact explained that they had to get the campervan secure so they could leave it parked overnight. It was paramount that the job was done without causing any damage to the vehicle given the fact that filming was scheduled to start the very next morning. Delays would be both hugely inconvenient and costly.

Emergency Auto Entry for the BBC

South Wales Locksmiths prides itself on the expert emergency auto entry services that it provides to Llanelli and the rest of the south Wales area…and it was certainly a proud moment to be working for the BBC!

Ben has undergone many hours of intensive training to be able to provide high quality emergency auto entry services, so when he heard the details of the job he immediately put a plan in place. On arrival in Llanelli at 6.15pm he carried out a thorough inspection of the vehicle and set to work, taking off the locks, dismantling them on his workbench in his fully equipped van, cleaning them of paint debris and putting them back together again. Within 30 minutes, South Wales Locksmiths had fully working locks refitted, with no damage whatsoever. The job was complete.

The BBC crew were incredibly grateful that they would be able to leave the vehicle secure overnight and go ahead with filming the next day.

If you find yourself in a sticky situation and need professional, highly-skilled locksmith services, do what the BBC did…call Ben at South Wales Locksmiths for 24/7 immediate service on 0800 043 2202 or 07931 536 900.