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How to Make your Home More Secure in 2016

As the New Year starts, South Wales Locksmiths is issuing advice on how to make your home more secure in 2016. There are easy steps you can take to ensure that you do not become victim to burglary.


Burglaries in South Wales

Last year there was an average of 700 burglaries each month in South Wales alone. A high proportion of these were with the aim to obtaining car keys and then stealing the car. However, once the intruders have gained access, items such as laptops, tablets and mobile phones are all too easy for them to pick up and drive off with in your car. This is a real risk that is not appreciated by many people and the task of securing their home gets put on the back burner, when it should be on the top of their list of priorities.

Locks on Doors

All too many people do not have the correct locks on their doors, which immediately makes it easier for a burglar to gain entry to a property. South Wales Locksmiths recommends the following:

  • External doors: a 5 lever mortice lock that conforms to the British Standard (BS3621). These are the insurance approved locks and having them means that you could qualify for lower premiums with your insurance company.

  • Patio doors: these have a reputation for being targeted by burglars as they are an easy way to gain entry. They do not have to be. With a good quality anti snap euro cylinder lock, patio doors can offer your home security.

  • Gates: as an absolute minimum, gates around your property should have a high quality bolt and padlock fitted. However, for added security South Wales Locksmiths recommends installing a mortice lock where possible.

  • Internal doors: doors leading from your house to garages, conservatories and utility rooms should also be well secured. South Wales Locksmiths advises fitting mortice sash locks along with a good quality euro cylinder lock.

Locks on Windows

Windows are also a main point of entry for intruders, so be sure to include them on your list when looking how to further secure your home:

  • Double glazing: all windows should be fitted with a lock that can be secured with a key and that conforms to British Standards (BS7950 and BS7412).

  • French windows: these should always be fitted with a high quality anti snap euro cylinder lock.

Further Advice from South Wales Locksmiths

Head technician, Ben Murray, at South Wales Locksmiths, offers further advice on how to secure your home:

  • Keep keys and valuables out of sight and out of reach of the letterbox, as burglars often use fishing tools to obtain items through the letterbox. However, keep keys in an accessible place in case of fire.

  • Ensure that all locks are fitted correctly. A badly fitted lock will make it even easier for an intruder to access your home.

  • Have a burglar alarm installed and change the code on it regularly.

  • It may sound like common sense, but make sure all windows and doors are locked when you leave your house. A bathroom window that you opened just a crack in the morning to let steam escape is all a burglar needs to gain entry.

  • Fit timers that will switch your lights on when you are out. Studies have shown that intruders are less likely to approach a house with lights on.

  • Fit security lights around your property to deter intruders if they approach, and to alert you to their presence.

  • More and more South Wales residents are installing CCTV around their property as a means of deterrent and protection.

  • DO NOT leave keys under your doormat or your wheelie bin for friends and family to access your house. If you need to leave a key on the outside of your house, install a key safe that can be attached to an exterior wall with an access code that you only give to people you trust.

  • Have a safe installed in your house for valuable such as passports, driving license, jewellery and cash.

  • Cut back foliage around your property to limit the risk of intruders using it as a place to hide and observe your property

South Wales Locksmith Services

If you are in need of some professional help to carry out any of the tasks included in this article, South Wales Locksmiths provides highly experienced, efficient service at very reasonable rates. We can supply and fix all manner of locks and security devices…and will be with you the very same day.