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"I was walking on cloud nine after the Ospreys winning the match and having a cracking day down at Liberty Stadium, only to get home to find my keys were gone. Annoyed that it was going to be a stressful end to the day, I got on Google and found South Wales Locksmiths. As it turned out, it wasn't stressful at all. Their local Swansea technician was with me within half and hour and had me into the house really quickly. Very impressed."

An Interview with Ben Murray: Director of South Wales Locksmiths

Have you ever been stranded and in need of a locksmith in South Wales? Here is an interview with Ben Murray, director of South Wales Locksmiths.


How long have you been working as a locksmith?

I've always been fascinated in locks and the intricacies of how they work. I did some training with Goodsmith Locksmiths back in 2007, and then more recently trained with Indy Locks Leeds. Just over a year ago I started trading as South Wales Locksmiths and since then I've been able to spend my time doing what I enjoy best.

Why did you become a locksmith?

It started out just as an interest in the mechanisms of locks, really. Then, as I got more into it, I realised that I could make a living out of something I really enjoyed doing.

On top of this, I had a personal experience that gave me that final push to take the next step. One of my nephews got locked in a car when he was a baby and I saw the stress it caused his parents, and me! So many people got involved, including the fire brigade, but after trying a few different things, we had to break one of the windows to get him out. I realised then, that if I'd had the knowledge, I would have been able to get him out in no time, so I looked into becoming a locksmith.

What do you enjoy most about the job?

I just love being out on the road all over South Wales, attending emergency situations and helping people out. I meet a lot of different people and help them to feel safe in their own homes or get them back on the road, often when they need to be somewhere quickly. It's a lifestyle more than a job, as I can be called out day or night, but I find that side of it really motivating.

What is a typical day for you as a locksmith, if that exists?

It doesn't really! Every day is different, but that's what I like. Just as an example though, so far today I have cut a spare set of keys for a local dealership that I work for on a regular basis in Llanelli, reprogrammed some car keys for a customer on the outskirts of Swansea and I'm just on my way to a gentleman who has locked his keys inside his car in Swansea city centre. Yesterday, I went out to a Cardiff letting agent that wanted new locks fitting on a property before it was re-rented and to help someone whose car key had snapped in the lock.

All these jobs required different skills and different tools, so I get to use my extensive training every day.

What is the most unusual locksmith job you've been out to?

To be honest, we get allsorts here at South Wales Locksmiths. A fairly frequent occurrence is being called in the middle of the night by people who have had a few too many and have lost their keys! One guy called me in the early hours and I went out and had to change all the locks on his house. I made sure everything was secure, left him with the new keys and then went back the next morning to cut and programme him a whole new set of car keys. Turned out to be an expensive night on the town for him!

Another man locked his keys in his car whilst out fishing for the day, so he had to walk 5 miles to nearest service station to call me. I picked him up from there and took him back to his car and got him back in.

I'll do whatever it takes to help people out and love the feeling when I get them back on the road or into their house.

What are your plans for the future?

At the moment I am looking into taking the Master Locksmiths exam next year, which will enable me to become a member of the MLA (Master Locksmiths Association).