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Summer Burglaries: Keep Your Belongings Under Lock and Key

South Wales Locksmiths believe the two simplest things you need this summer to avoid becoming victim to burglary at your South Wales home is a good lock and a good key.

Burglaries in England and Wales rise by 10% in the summer months. The cartoon image of someone creeping in during the night and emptying your house while you sleep isn't necessarily what determines a burglary. A huge 92% of break-ins in South Wales and the rest of the UK happen through a front or back door, often by opportunists who get away with a few valuable objects such as a purse, laptop or handbag. More often than not, the owner is in the house.


Why do Burglaries Increase during the Summer?

It may be assumed that dark winter nights are the best time for burglaries, but it is not the fact the case. Increased summer burglaries in South Wales are due to a number of factors:

  • people are away on holiday for longer periods, giving thieves enough time to realise a home is empty, make a plan and then carry out the burglary

  • warm weather and light nights mean people are out more during the day and evening time, leaving homes vacant

  • windows and doors are left open when people go out, or are even just in the back garden, allowing access for opportunistic thieves

  • hot weather makes doors swell, especially UVPC, meaning that a slightly misaligned lock mechanism suddenly cannot be secured

  • believe it or not, the simple fact that doors and windows are used more in the summer months due to people coming and going more often and windows being opened for ventilation means they are subject to wear and tear. Regular maintenance is necessary to ensure doors and windows lock securely.

If you find yourself in need of lock maintenance or repair, call in the experts at South Wales Locksmiths today on 07931 536 900

Advice of How to Keep your Home Safe and Secure

South Wales Locksmiths issues the following pieces of advice for keeping your home safe this summer:

  • make sure all windows and doors are locked securely, even if you are just in the back garden enjoying the sunshine or have just nipped down to the local shop. Burglars can gain access through surprisingly small windows

  • turn you burglar alarm on each time you leave the house

  • if leaving windows open while you sleep due to the warmer nights, fit window restrictors to ensure access can't be gained

  • don't leave valuables visible. It is all too easy to run out of the door and leave your laptop on the couch, visible for all to see walking past. This could be too much temptation for an opportunist

  • ensure garden tools and equipment are locked away securely in a shed or garage to avoid them being used to gain access to your house by burglars

  • security lighting is a good deterrent and alerts you to someone approaching your house

  • gravel or shale on drives and pathways creates noise to let you know if someone unexpected is on your property

How to Protect your Home when you're Going Away

Some simple tips:

  • do not post on social media that you are going away

  • install automatic timers that turn the radio on at different times of the day and lights on in the evening

  • ask a neighbour to keep an eye on your house as a minimum, or preferably go in to close and open curtains and move post out of sight

  • ask a neighbour to use your drive to park on

  • cancel all regular deliveries

As you can see, securing your home during peak burglary periods, as well the rest of the year, is not rocket science. It's about being aware of your surroundings, not becoming complacent and making sure you have good quality, functioning locks and keys.

South Wales Locksmiths are at your disposal if you would like to install higher security locks, find that a lock needs repairing or have the misfortune of finding that you have been victim to burglary.