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"I was at a local Swansea music festival when I realised I had lost my car keys. To this day I don't know where they dropped out of my bag. Panic set in as soon as I realised as I needed to pick up my children. The friend I was with said she'd used South Wales Locksmiths before and that I should call them. Thanks goodness I did! I told them exactly where I was in Swansea and they had a local auto locksmith technician was out to me within 20 minutes and back into my car soon after. Couldn't believe that they would come to exactly where I was! Would really recommend keeping the phone number of South Wales Locksmiths in your phone, as you never know when you might need them."

Another Swansea Break In Calls For a Full Home Security Survey

This week has been another busy week for South Wales Locksmiths, with another Swansea break in leading to Ben Murray, Director of South Wales Locksmiths, carrying our full home security survey on the home involved.


Dated Locks Provide Easy Access

On arrival at the Swansea property it became apparent that the current locks were very dated, providing intruders with easy access. It was fortunate that the thieves had been disturbed on this occasion and therefore had not broken in.

South Wales Locksmiths' Recommendations

South Wales Locksmiths recommended changing the front and rear door locks immediately to a much more secure and resilient design. Studies show that the mere sight of up-to-date, secure locks deter intruders from even attempting burglaries as too much time and noise is needed to get through them.

Review of the windows also revealed that the majority were not fitted with security locks so this was also included in the official report supplied by South Wales Locksmiths.

The outside shed, where several items of gardening equipment were housed, was also left unsecured and Ben advised a good quality Snaplock to be fitted to protect this external area.

Secure Your Home When On Holiday

Secure locks on your Swansea home are paramount for everyday security, and even more so when you're away on holiday.

The Swansea customers Ben went out to this week were surprised when he advised them never to post on social media about going away on holiday. They were unaware of the free advertising that this can give to potential thieves! Much better to keep quiet and post photos once you are home.

It is also possible to install low cost CCTV to protect key entrances and exits and providing you have a WiFi signal, it is easy to monitor the property remotely, even when you are on holiday.

Free Home Security Survey from South Wales Locksmiths

South Wales Locksmiths are currently offering a free home survey where they will visit your home or business, review your current security measures and make recommendations as to how your property can be better secured.

Our Swansea customers felt much more secure in their home after South Wales Locksmiths recommending a thorough programme of works to be undertaken over the next few weeks, all for a very reasonable cost.

Even better, the owners have found out that their insurance premiums will be reduced by taking these steps. Watch this space for photographs of the work over the next few weeks!